I have always been passionate about languages and ever since I was a child the foreign films with subtitles my father used to watch beguiled me. Generally, this foreign language was English, so I always leaned towards it. I was encouraged by my parents and teachers to study languages and before I was 18, I could manage in English and French and I had some knowledge of German, Latin, and Ancient Greek. This passion led me to choose English language and literature as my undergraduate degree and I soon discovered that translation was my real passion.

I decided to specialise in audio-visual and literary translation, but I learnt that I found teaching and academia equally fascinating.

Today I describe myself as translator, educator, and content creator.


I found out how much I loved teaching children and young adults when I started working as a camp leader at the age of 19. Ever since, I have not stopped learning and applying my knowledge in different contexts.

Currently, I am focused on teaching at the University of Valencia, where I teach English, English for specific purposes and translation. In addition, I also teach translation specialisation courses within the private sector.



In my years as a translator, I have been involved in projects related to different areas.

I have worked with popular science; academic articles; legal documents; marketing campaigns; marketing ebooks; art exhibition texts; instructions; handbooks for children activities and tales.

In addition, I have participated in subtitling projects for films and television, YouTube videos and training videos, as well as corporate videos. I have also worked on translation for dubbing and lip sync for films and TV series for television and digital platforms, and translation for voice-over for documentaries and reality shows.



I believe continuous training is a must in this fast-paced world. I like keeping up to date with my sector’s trends.

  • Undergraduate degree in English Philology (Language and literature) (2011, University of Valencia)

  • Creative and Humanistic Translation MA (2012, University of Valencia)

    Specialization in Audio visual translation (subtitling, dubbing and accessibility) and literary translation.

  • Secondary Education Teacher Training MA.
    English as a foreign language. (2015, University of Valencia)

  • PhD programme in Languages, Literatures, and Cultures and its Applications. Easy read for people with intellectual disabilities. (Present day, University of Valencia).

  • C2 Valencian/Catalan language (JQCV)

  • C1 French language (TCF)

  • Accessibility course: Subtitling for the hard of hearing (Closed captioning) and Audio description for the blind. (2012, Interpunct Translations)

  • Montessori Methodology. Introductory course, (2016 International Montessori Institute)

  • Training for teachers: teaching in Catalan language (2017, Polytechnic University of Valencia)

  • Legal translation course (2018, Cálamo y Cran)

  • Machine translation and post-editing course (2019, University of Valencia)

  • Certified linguist for the Valencian public television Àpunt (2019)

  • Creating accessible lessons (2020, University of Valencia)

  • Create your own educational videos course (2020, University of Valencia)

  • Song translation and adaptation course (advanced) (2020, Escuela de Canciones)

  • Copywriting Course (2020, Cálamo y Cran)

  • Discourses of Fictional (Digital) TV Series (2020, University of Valencia)

  • III Jornadas de la Traducción Audiovisual de la Universidad de Valencia. Traducción: un puente entre culturas. El reto de las adaptaciones culturales. (2016, University of Valencia)